Bring Your Own Device


Longreach State High School offers a BYO program meaning students may bring their own compatible device while making use of the school's network resources such as internet, printers and drives. We have created this section with the intent to assist you in purchasing and preparing for this initiative.

For the 2023 school year we will only be supporting Windows devices, though this may be reconsidered in the following years.

When purchasing your device we highly recommend a protective case as the computer will be in and out of school bags and will be subjected to rough handling. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the device is safe and protected at all times as the school cannot cover any damages to the device.

It's also important that your computer meets the minimum requirements set out in the buying guide as anything below may not work with our network or may severely impact your child's ability to participate in the classroom.

Click here to download a copy of the Buying Guide

Recommended Software

We recommend students install some extra applications to assist them in their learning at Longreach State High School

  • Office 365 – this is provided free by Microsoft, see below.
  • Chrome or Firefox.
  • Any other software that may be needed to participate in the classroom.


Is there any software provided by the school for the device?

Microsoft provides free access to the latest version of Office 365 for every student to install on their personal (and BYO) devices.

Click here for instructions on how to install Office 365

The school also provides access to Adobe Create Cloud for Windows and Mac OS devices to eligible students. See the IT Department for information on how to acquire this.

Does the school still offer a laptop hire scheme?

Yes, under the Equity Laptop Program, students will be charged $100 to participate in the scheme with $50 being refunded where the device is returned in good condition. Students that cannot afford this can still be allocated a computer that they borrow out for the day.

Click here to download the Laptop Hire Form

Please complete and return this form to the school office with the nominated amount and a computer will be made available. Limited numbers available.

Internet access at school

While connected to school's network, devices will use the EQ filtering system, meaning they cannot access social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube.

Attempts to circumvent this system may result the device being removed from the school's network.

Who is responsible for the safety of my child's device?

Your child is solely responsible for ensuring the device is safe and secure at all times. We recommend the use of a hard-cover case to ensure the device is protected while in bags, etc.

Is it worth getting a high-end device?

If your child will be performing higher-end tasks such as 3D-design or video editing they will certainly benefit from the extra hardware. Generally, most modern computers (so long as they meet the minimum requirements) will perform acceptably at school.

Will my child's device be tracked or monitored?

No. We do not implement any software that allows staff to see what's on the device.

What computer do you recommend, what is not supported?

We recommend the device that best suits the student, so long as they meet the minimum requirements. Computers that don't meet the requirements are Surface RT devices or any device running a version of Windows older than Windows 10. Windows 10 S is a version of Windows that is not supported.

Android tablets and e-readers are unacceptable devices as these are not supported or do not support the required software. Macs and iPads (including iPad Pros) are also unsupported devices that while they may be used, they are not compatible with our IT system.

What technical support is offered by the school?

The IT Department at Longreach State High School can offer simple to moderate troubleshooting to identify and solve certain problems, however it is recommended that you keep warranties as we cannot guarantee a repair or fix on a device that we don't own.


Why does the school recommend devices be newer than three years?

This is to ensure the greatest compatibility with the network. Problems tend to arise with older devices, particularly those where the warranty has already expired, it's for this reason that we recommend an extended warranty that includes accidental cover.

Why does the school recommend devices come with a minimum three year warranty?

This is to ensure the device is supported while your child is at school. For users starting grade ten, this means that their device is fully covered for the remainder of school. For users starting in Year seven, this means the device will last until the end of Year nine.

Last reviewed 01 November 2023
Last updated 01 November 2023